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How To Protect Our Students With Anti Bullying Programs.

Being a stake holder in the education means that everyone involved has to ensure that children have better lives in the near future and they do not have to suffer. Getting rid of the obstacles in the way of the learners for knowledge is the work description that describes their work. Bullying has been in existence for long as proved by many research groups and has contributed greatly to slow learning making it an obstacle to learning. Once or more times in the years people spend in the learning institutions, they get bullied or do bully others.

The male students are the ones most likely to be the once doing the bullying but in some cases the girls also bully other learners. As the years pass and bullying goes unseen, the students that bully others advance the tactics they use to bully others. At high school, there are groups formed between the weaker, bullied students and the strong students that do the bullying. The male experience increase in strength and body size hence they become more violent and aggressive to their victims but this is not the same story as with the girls. The girls are bullied by being wrongly treated and bad information spread about them.

Bullying is a vice that everyone who has been in a school system has once or more time experienced depending on their size and ability to defend themselves. The bullies pick on student s that are different from others or those who are vulnerable to the bullying. The bullies use the grouping system to get their victims and the once who are socially isolated are the once who get bullied most.
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The bullied group of learners suffer in silence because they are weak to defend themselves and are afraid of the bully’s wrath if they happen to report the bullying. The potential students in schools get bullied and this destroys their momentum which reflects in lower grade in schools. Recently many schools have started changing the bullying culture by closely monitoring the student’s activity and the cases are being stopped. The implemented anti bullying programs have been a success because the cases of bullying have dropped and children have peace in the education system. Controlling bullying at a young age will have a big impact in future because it is evident even in adults. There are instances where people witness bullying and cannot do anything and it feels us with guilt but now there are areas where bullying cases can be reported to help in curbing it. People who just stand and allow bullying to continue are in most cases afraid of going through the same hence they are action less.
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Ensuring bullying is stopped guarantees a better future for future generations.

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